About White Pine Health & Wellness Centre

White Pine is a health and wellness clinic created to serve a wide range of services in the Brampton area.

Our vision is to provide a true collaboration between our practitioners, where each uses our skills to best benefit your needs.

We firmly believe that working in a unified team is what sets us apart from other rehabilitation clinics in the GTA. Our biggest goal is to create that space where you reach your short and long-term health and wellness goals as efficiently as possible.

Core values

No cookie cutter programs

There are different schools of thoughts when it comes to treatment techniques. At White Pine, it is our firm belief that there are no cookie-cutter protocols; that every individual is unique, and every scenario is distinct in nature. Thus, to make treatment efficient the approach has to be designed for that specific problem. This is why we are focused on providing a patient-centred approach and ‘one on one’ treatments. We take pride in an open communication between our health providers to optimize the best treatment plan for our clients.

Treat the origin, not just the symptom

 It is our unanimous decision not to base our treatments on Pain. Yes, we will help you get rid of your back pain, but our main goal is to prevent it from ever happening again. That is why we focus on finding the origin of dysfunction and resolving it. We also focus on introducing new strategies in order to prevent these issues from arising in the future. Thus, our treatments are based on full recovery with minimum to no chance of reoccurrence as opposed to using modalities to mask your pain without removing the original cause.

We focus on improving your quality of life and preventing injuries by keeping you active and healthy:

We are true advocates of physical activity. We are there to teach you how to move correctly after an injury. This will not only reduce your pain and dysfunction, but also prevent future complications. So if you come to see us, know that we will encourage you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. Once you see the results, being physically active will become part of your daily routine.

 We focus on hands-on techniques rather than modalities

Research shows that hands-on techniques are much more effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries than modalities. Our therapists rely mostly on use of corrective exercises, myofascial techniques, joint mobilization, and functional dry needling techniques.

Why should you pick us?

Closing the Gap:

We find that there is a huge gap between different forms of treatment; our goal is to create a program that helps you recover in the most efficient manners with the longest lasting effects. In order to do so, we will try our best to close the gap between different schools of thoughts. As health care providers, we communicate with each other not only about our own treatment techniques but also about your specific needs.

The health care professional who sees you first will determine what other forms of therapy you will need and will create a comprehensive treatment plan for you where you are assured to reach your ultimate goal.

White Pine Team:

We are the healthcare team you have been looking for, and regardless of your concerns, we are here to help you get to your ultimate health and wellness goal. Go ahead and contact us for more information. Also read about the fantastic services we provide .

Stay happy and healthy! – From our White Pine family to yours.