How to Treat Neck Pain That Won’t Go Away

Neck pain that won’t go away can be frustrating, debilitating, and generally get in the way of you enjoying your day. And of course, there’s the discomfort of that persistent pain! So how do we treat neck pain that won’t go away

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

Before we can start on remedies for persistent neck pain, we have to make a few important clarifications. 

First, there is a difference between neck pain that won’t go away and a stiff neck that won’t go away

Stiff implies discomfort and a reduction in your range of motion, while pain could include those symptoms in addition to pain. In other words, ‘stiffness’ relates to motion and discomfort, while pain can include those qualities in addition to a steady drum of pain. 

It’s also important to distinguish between pain and chronic pain. Chronic pain is recurring pain that typically lasts longer than six months – which is different from the neck pain we’re examining here. 

If you’re experiencing chronic neck pain, then you need physical therapy and other professionals to help relieve your pain

The good news for people that have neck and shoulder pain that won’t go away (and that isn’t chronic) is that some good home remedies can go a long way towards achieving pain relief


  • Stretching is a great way to relieve muscle tension in those all-important neck muscles. Careful though! Not all stretches are good for your head and neck. If you’re uncertain of which stretches are helpful, you can consult a physiotherapist. 


  • Trying to maintain good posture when possible (and avoiding sitting down for protracted periods of time) is a great way to treat your neck pain that’s not going away. Again, if you’re uncertain about what ‘good posture’ means, you can consult a physical therapist. Keeping your eye level direct and avoiding drooping your neck is a good way to protect your cervical spine

Foam Rolling 

  • Foam rolling is a great exercise that you can do anywhere in the home to help relieve some of that pain you’re feeling. Whether you can do a few minutes or 20 minutes of stretching and gentle foam rolling, it should help you with your neck pain.

Heating Pads and Ice

  • Heating pads and ice are a great duo when it comes to helping relieve pain. They’re also anti-inflammatory, which helps speed up recovery. Rub the affected area with ice for the first day or so, then shift to heat. 


  • Medication, while not able to ‘fix’ the issue, can at least help with pain management as you go about your day. 


  • A gentle massage of the affected area can be soothing and help with recovery. If you’re looking for expert restorative massage services, however, you need to see a professional


  • Sometimes the best thing for that kink in the neck that won’t go away is simply rest and relaxation. Don’t strain yourself and allow your body to get itself back in working order. 
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What Caused the Neck Pain That Doesn’t Go Away?

Now that we know the remedies, let’s take a quick look at some common causes of neck pain – so we know what to avoid in the future. 

Typically, people suffer neck pain either due to awkward sleeping positions, prolonged sitting coupled with lack of stretching, or hurt themselves during physical activities like sports or working out. 

For sleep, experts recommend sleeping on your side and trying your best to avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this forces the head to the right or left for too long. 

As far as prolonged sitting is concerned, that’s hard to avoid for many of us working office jobs where this is expected. You can, however, help avoid neck pain by taking breaks to stretch and go for short walks when time allows. You can also look into standing desks and ergonomic chairs. Finally, when working out or playing sports, it’s best to have the correct equipment and, for exercising, understanding the proper form. These can be hugely helpful when trying to avoid spinal cord injury as well as neck pain.

Getting Professional Relief for Neck Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

How to Treat Neck Pain That Won't Go Away

If you want professional help with your nagging neck pain that refuses to go away (even with the home remedies listed above) then White Pine Health is here to help. 

Health providers at White Pine Health offer a full range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. We only apply patient-centred treatments, so you can trust that we never cut corners. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored physiotherapy plan. The end goal is to relieve your pain and restore your full range of motion.  

We offer in-person as well as virtual physiotherapy sessions so you can get the care you need right from the comfort of your own home. Contact White Pine Health today to book a free 20-minute video session and start living pain-free!

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