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Stop fighting your body and make your pregnancy and postpartum journey more enjoyable

Custom Treatment Plans

No two pregnancy journeys are alike. Your pre-natal physiotherapy and postpartum physiotherapy plans shouldn’t be either. Prepare customized treatment plans that fit your lifestyle, symptoms, and your unique needs.

Improve Quality of Life

Manage pain, improve posture, and make everyday activities easier. Our programs will also help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, prevent prolapse and urinary incontinence, and prevent diastasis recti.

Hands-on Healing Approach

Don't accept discomfort as a normal part of pregnancy. Enjoy gentle one-on-one physical therapy with a certified physiotherapist who will help you address your pain points.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Reach your goals - safely - with a licensed, experienced physiotherapy team specializing in pre-and post-natal and pelvic floor therapy. We're here to make your pregnancy a more pleasant, pleasurable experience.

Safe Prenatal & Postpartum Physiotherapy

Your and your baby’s safety is our topmost priority. Strengthen your core and continue exercising safely with certified, experienced professionals.

Direct Billing Insurance

Save yourself the headache of getting a reimbursement. We'll send the bill straight to your insurance company so you can focus on your health rather than dealing with finances.

Why New Moms Trust & Love Our Physiotherapy for Pregnancy

“Absolutely the best! From reception all the way up. I noticed a huge difference after the 1st treatment. Don't waste your time -- book an appointment!”

Angelo DeOliviera

Treat Pre-Natal Issues, Improve Postpartum Recovery

Reduce discomfort and pain without resorting to medication. Physiotherapy before pregnancy can make delivery safer and aid recovery postpartum.

Beat the Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Make everyday activities like standing, walking and working easier. Start pregnancy physiotherapy towards the end of your first trimester and around the start of the second trimester. You can start postpartum physiotherapy immediately after delivery.

Get Education on Improving Comfort

Learn how to maintain proper posture and get tips on performing daily activities that help prevent discomfort and injury.

Learn Simple Home Exercises

Learn to perform exercises safely at home. They’ll help you build strength, and maintain flexibility during pregnancy and after delivery.

PreNatal Issues
Shot of physical therapist doing stretching to pregnant woman in a spa center.

Pelvic Floor Therapy for Pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be a pain. Treat so many common pregnancy-related issues and improve postnatal recovery with a licensed pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Reduce Back Pain

Treat lower back and pelvic region pain, and pain during sexual intercourse, by strengthening and correcting pelvic floor muscles.

Treat Pregnancy Incontinence

Regain bladder control (frequency and urgency) through professional physiotherapy and guided exercises. It will also reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse and damage to pelvic nerves during childbirth.

Prepare for Birth

Prepare your pelvic floor muscles for birth and reduce the risk of perineal tearing with perineal massage. It can help reduce postpartum issues too.

Personalized Pregnancy Physiotherapy Program

Spend time with a registered physiotherapist to prepare a customized plan that fits your lifestyle and your goals.

Tell Us Your Concerns

We’ll take a detailed history of your health to understand your concerns, including asking questions like when you experience the most pain and if you’re experiencing leaking during exercise.

Plan According to Your Goals

No two bodies are alike nor are two pregnancies. Tell us whatever your priorities are and we’ll include them in a holistic physiotherapy plan for your pregnancy.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Say “No” to canned pregnancy videos and exercises that you don’t feel comfortable with. Our plan and sessions will fit your needs and your goals.

Pregnant woman sitting down, holding stomach.
Pregnant woman being trained by physio practitioner.

Is Physical Therapy for Pregnancy Safe?

Your and your baby’s safety is always our first priority. That’s why it’s so important to work with someone who has the qualifications and the experience.

An Empathetic, Educated Approach

Receive gentle manual therapy from professionals who’ll work at your pace and ensure exercises are safe for you and your baby.

Is Physiotherapy During Pregnancy Safe?

You can receive pelvic floor physiotherapy safely during pregnancy. Make sure you tell your physiotherapist about any underlying conditions or special precautions prescribed by your OBGYN.

Trust Certified Professionals

Work with qualified, licensed professionals who bring years of experience helping pregnant women such as yourself. Only work with a trusted clinic for pre-natal and postpartum physiotherapy near you.

When You Visit White Pine Health For Your Prenatal Physical Therapy

Here’s what you can expect when you visit us for pre-natal physiotherapy and post-natal physiotherapy.

Initial Visit

A licensed physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor will take a detailed history and conduct a thorough evaluation. We’ll check your breathing, posture, and range of motion, focusing on the lower back, abdomen and pelvis.

Physical Assessment

A second more comprehensive physical exam will assess your pelvic floor muscles, including endurance and tightness. If you’d like, you can have a trusted companion present.

Treatment Plans

Based on your evaluation and your goals, treatment plans will include:

  • Myofascial release
  • Relaxation and stretching
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Manual therapy to address mobility concerns
  • General muscle strengthening

Pre & Post-Natal Physiotherapy Is Much More Than Pain Therapy

Improve your quality of life and prepare your body for childbirth with physiotherapy for pregnancy

Pre & Post-Natal Physiotherapy Is an Effective Treatment For

A Clinic for Postpartum and Pre-Natal Physiotherapy Near You Is Minutes Away

A Clinic for Postpartum and Pre-Natal Physiotherapy Near You Is Minutes Away



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