You Deserve A Recovery Plan Backed By Evidence
And Results

Custom Treatment Plan

We only develop customized plans that fit your lifestyle and goals so you don’t have to rearrange your life.

Hands-on Healing Approach

Your healing shouldn’t be handled by a machine alone. We firmly believe in manual therapy to speed up recovery.

Active Strength Program

Post-recovery with our Athletic Trainer means getting stronger with less treatment needed in the future

Direct Billing Insurance

Whether WSIB or Extended Health Plan, save yourself the admin headaches with White Pine Health

Conveniently Located

Located in Goodlife Fitness at the Bramalea City Centre - with full access to pool and gym while you rehab

Multi Disciplinary Team

A diverse team of specialists means that your plan will be well-rounded, leading to a faster recovery.


“I've had 2-physio and 2 massage sessions and 80% of pain in my back is already gone.”

CJ Devgun

Treating Pain At Your North Bramalea Physiotherapy Clinic

Dealing with an injury can be a life changing experience. If left untreated these injuries can end up affecting your emotional and mental well-being, preventing you from doing what you love.

Your injury not only affects what makes your life fun and exciting, but also your everyday activities like work, and taking care of your family.

But is chronic pain something you need to live with on a daily basis? Does getting older have to be about giving up an active lifestyle and making physical compromises?

Physiotherapy combines the knowledge of the human body (and how it works) with specialized techniques used to diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury, disability and disease.

Whether you’re suffering from a common condition like muscle soreness/stiffness, back and neck pain, or a life-altering event like a sports injury or car accident — our expert team of certified professionals have a simple plan to eliminate your pain.

At White Pine Health our goal is to get you back to optimal health, as quickly as possible. This requires proven, evidence-based treatment methods that are supported by science.

physiotherapy treatment

Manual Therapy

  • A safe, hands-on technique used to relieve pain and restore range of motion through joint mobilization, so that you can get back to moving freely.
  • Combination of kneading and manipulation of muscles to flush out scar tissue from the source of your pain and stimulate the healing process.
  • When combined with controlled exercise and training, can delay or even prevent the need for surgery, and an even longer rehab process.
  • Used to address common and serious conditions that affect the spine, arms, legs, knees and shoulders.


  • A mild and gentle electrical pulse that has been proven to stimulate your body’s natural painkillers. The treatment has also been described by patients as “relaxing.”
  • Stimulation provided by electrotherapy can improve function, manage pain and cut down toxic inflammation.

Ultrasound Therapy

  • Deep heating technique used to treat damaged soft tissue structures in the body like tendons, muscles or ligaments, providing a well-rounded approach to your healing plan.
  • Increases blood circulation to tissue which can help support the healing process and decrease pain.
  • Reduces local swelling at the source of the injury, while helping to cut down on chronic inflammation that prevents your body from being able to repair damaged tissue.

Treating Pain At Your North Bramalea Physiotherapy Clinic

You Deserve A Recovery Plan Backed By Evidence And Results

Physiotherapy Can Treat

  • Sport injuries
  • Work-related pain
  • Sprains
  • Rotator cuff (frozen shoulder)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hip impingements
  • Fibromialgia
  • Arthritis
  • Post surgical pain
  • Heel Spurs
  • Pregnancy pain (low back, pelvic and discomfort)
  • Tendinitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel

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